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How Would You Like To LEGALLY Turn All The Content Traffic Studio Finds & Shares Into Your Own In ONE Click?

Allowing You To INSTANTLY Triple Your Traffic But More Importantly, Allowing You To Make EASY Instant Money By Adding Your Own Call To Actions, Links & Branding Into Content Shared By Traffic Studio.

This Simple Extra Software We Will Install into Your Account Will Instantly & Dramatically Improve Any Results You’ll get, G-U-A-R-A-N-T-E-E-D.

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“How Does It Work & Do I REALLY need it?”

No, you don’t. It’s an optional extra. But it’s WELL worth it.


Hey, It’s Tom here along with Gaurab & Azhar again.

Traffic Studio is AMAZING and does EXACTLY as promised, but it can get 10000x better.

What TrafficStudio CANNOT Do At The Moment:

  • It can share content but it can’t auto monetize it
  • All the content shared is not yours and doesn’t have your branding on it, our upgrade utilizes a LEGAL way of adding your branding to ALL the content shared
  • It doesn’t automatically build your list
  • It doesn’t use the full capabilities of viral traffic
  • It’s traffic focused but not sales or engagement focused

We built a way to literally change all that in ONE click.

We’ve Put Traffic Studio ON STEROIDS, I’m talking HUGE lists fast, triple the traffic, crazy conversion boosting features & an auto monetizer + auto content brander that changed the GAME for us and made us WAY more money.

Keep in mind that even though traffic studio will get you EASY traffic by sharing content, automating that sharing and hitting on traffic trends, that’s all it does.

It does exactly as promised, but nothing more.

What we’re offering with Replug is a chance to take it to next level:

  • You will be able to auto monetize all that content shared with your links, call to actions, pop ups and more.
  • You will be able to add your branding to each and every piece of content shared.
  • You will be able to add your optin forms to each and every piece of content shared.
  • You’ll be able to do it all legally by using “jacking” technology, from the BEST kind.
  • You will be able to get LOTS of viral traffic from the traffic content studio gets you.
  • You’ll be able to build authority, create alot of engagement and drive MORE sales.

One Simple Upgrade, Everything Remains The Same, But The Results Will Be Completely Insane.


Here's how it works in 4 simple steps:

Step 1

We Install It On Your Account & It Becomes Auto Integrated With Traffic Studio

Step 2

Enter The Studio & Build Your Call To Action:

  • Design & Deploy Custom Call To Action Boxes That Pop In Front Of Your Customers Eyes At The Right Time To Grab Their Attention & Send Them Anywhere You Want + Add Your Logo’s For Branding
  • Create ListBuilding Optin Forms To Build A list Of The People That Visit The Content And Send Them Into A Profitable Funnel
  • Add “Content Recommendation” To Make Sure People Keep Visiting Your Links & Getting To Know You And Your Brand More.
  • Create BEAUTIFUL & Attention Grabbing Pop Ups to build your list, brand yourself, make sales Right ON THE CONTENT Traffic Studio Finds

Step 3

Continue To Traffic Studio As You Would Have Otherwise But Now You’ll Be Able To Choose Your Replug Campaigns Created

Step 4

Unleash These Together & Watch How Your New Campaigns Go Out Of Control.

Watch Replug Pro In Action (DEMO)!

How To Use Replug With Traffic Studio!

Everything Gets BETTER & More Profitable With The Replug Upgrade & Our Price Is EXTREMELY Low Right Now.

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(warning, this is a REAL limited time offer, once the
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Traffic Studio - Replug

You’re Covered By Our 100% Refund Policy

Whether it’s our top notch support, whether it’s the product itself or the delivery of the product. We CANNOT guarantee results, we CANNOT guarantee anything will happen. We can just share our own results and how it absolutely changed our businesses & our lives.

However, we CAN guarantee that we did our BEST to make this software as effective as possible. If you encounter any technical problem with the software and support cannot help you resolve it, we will refund you. Also, you can test it out risk free for 14 days

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